Welcome to Teen Dare

      Teen Dare is an website where you can discuss issues of conservative Christian views. We are biblicists (people who do not associate with a demonination, but believe God's word.) We are Authorized King James Version (KJV) only. In the following pages you will find our statement of faith, and articles of issues that that burden modern day true Christianity. We will cover every issue from New-age, evolution, relationships, end-times, and false doctrines/Christs, witnessing tips, and our final goal is to lead people to Christ both young and old.

       We are teen/young adults running this site, and therefore is using this site to reach out to the youth either Christian or non-Christian. We hope to let our job that the Lord Jesus Christ gave us in his Great commision come out. This is our God-led ministry. We hope to make clear truths that will be useful and understandable to all. We are affiliated with the Discerning the Times Conferences and other ministries (which will be listed below).

Berean Call                                                                                                                             The Spanish Inquisition
Reinventing Jesus Christ                                                                                                          Foxes Book of Mart
Lighthouse Trails Research                                                                                            Saskatchewan Home Church
 Blessed Quietness Journal
Understand the times

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